Academic Programs

Left by history in the shadows, the treasures of the Lobkowicz Collections have not received the scholarly attention they deserve. Our plans for a new Library and Study Center at Nelahozeves Castle are inspired by our passion for research and learning, and our commitment to making the Lobkowicz Collections available for students and scholars worldwide. 


Musicologist Kathryn Libin of Vassar College with Sona Cernocka, librarian of the Lobkowicz Collections

Musicologist Kathryn Libin of Vassar College with Sona Cernocka, librarian of the Lobkowicz Collections

Music Cataloging Project

Our Librarian Sona Cernocka and Musicologist Petr Slouka have been working with Dr. Kathryn Libin from Vassar College, New York, since 2013, on a complete online catalogue of the Lobkowicz Music Collection. 

The music collection was established by Ferdinand August, 3rd Prince Lobkowicz (1655–1715), and expanded by later generations. The goal of the project is to catalogue the complete music collection – containing approximately 4,500 items, of which 1,500 are manuscripts.

Beethoven_Letter copy.JPG

Beethoven Research Project

Since 2015, we have been developing a partnership with Prof. Otto Biba, the head of Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna, a leading center for research on Ludwig van Beethoven.  Prof. Biba’s research has confirmed the composer’s hand in many music manuscripts in the Lobkowicz Collections, and a collaborative exhibition is in preparation for the Beethoven 250th Anniversary in 2020.


Lectures & Talks 

Our annual lectures and talks program reaches members, visitors and special groups, as well as our own staff.  We invite international scholars to give special lectures to our members, such as a presentation on Renaissance fashion given by Jonquil O’Reilly, a specialist in Old Master Paintings at Sotheby’s, New York. Curators in the Collections team also share new research and discoveries, as well as shed light on unusual aspects of the Lobkowicz Collections.



Every year, we are delighted to welcome scholars from collections and institutes around the world who come to research specific works in the Lobkowicz Collections, Library or Archive. Recent visits and collaborations include the Getty Conservation and Research Institutes, the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, which is doing a research project on Pieter Breugel the Elder, and the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, which has been examining a rare 1514 manuscript written in old-Hungarian in the Lobkowicz Library.