Wright & Wright

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Architects Wright & Wright have extensive experience of revitalizing historic structures for contemporary use. They understand the challenges and complexities involved in dealing with old buildings and the need to treat them with respect. The practice is fully qualified as specialist conservation architects and partner Clare Wright is an advisor to Historic England on matters of architectural heritage. Wright & Wright have worked on some of Britain’s most sensitive historic sites, including Lambeth Palace, the home of the Archbishop of Canterbury, a 15th century guildhall in Stratford upon Avon, which housed Shakespeare’s classroom, and the Canterbury Quadrangle at St John’s College Oxford, described as the most important Baroque building in the UK. They also have experience of designing archives for discerning cultural clients, including a new library and archive at Lambeth Palace for the Church of England and a drawings archive for the Royal Institute of British Architects at the world famous Victoria & Albert Museum. In each case, the future of inestimably precious historic collections has been secured by incorporating the latest techniques of passive environmental control into buildings of high architectural quality that are a pleasure to use.

Our Team

Our proposed project team of architects, structural engineers, services engineers, theatre consultant, acoustic consultant, fire engineer and landscape architect has extensive experience of undertaking nationally and internationally significant archives, study centers, museums and performance spaces for discerning clients. Each of the consultants combines sensitivity of approach with an exhaustive knowledge of how historical and contemporary elements can be integrated without compromising their distinct character. They enjoy researching the meaning and evolution of sites over time and devising inventive and appropriate design responses.