The Lobkowicz Library & Study Center

Like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, Nelahozeves Castle, owned by the Lobkowicz family since 1633, is to be reborn as an international music and cultural center, celebrating the family’s celebrated history of patronage and scholarship. Their unique collections of fine art, musical manuscripts, decorative arts and historic books will be preserved for future generations in a dedicated underground storage facility and a new study center will be open to scholars, students and enthusiasts.


Nelahozeves Castle 

This ambitious and exciting project will also see the castle completely refurbished and restored for future generations. Two auditoriums will be created within the castle to provide a platform for great musicians, lectures and public events. Exhibitions, concerts, lectures, seminars, corporate events, weddings and festivals will be regular features of the castle program.


Library & Study Center

The Lobkowicz Library and Study Center will be an international center for the study of European cultural heritage, in partnership with universities, foundations and art & education organizations throughout the world. It will be a place where students and scholars not only read about history and culture, but where history and culture come alive in the magical setting of Nelahozeves Castle.

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Dvorak House & Music Academy

On the town square adjacent to the castle, the handsome Baroque birth house of world-renowned composer Antonin Dvorak will also be brought to life with a new museum about the composer’s life, and accommodation and practice space for music scholars.

Annotated Nela